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GreenVCI® QC (Quality Control) Services

At GreenVCI®, we go beyond R&D and product sales to offer a wide range of consulting services with the aim of providing our clients with optimal long-term solutions to their problems by finding ways to cut costs, improve procedures with a focus on economic, environmental, and ethical concerns, and even cultivate business ideas and opportunities for our clients. Your nearest GreenVCI® agent can also perform an on-site inspection and provide hands-on consulting services.

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    Site inspection & diagnosis

    GreenVCI® agents can inspect the site where a client’s corrosion issues occurred or have to be prevented and provide an initial diagnosis and solution. Clients can receive an A-B analysis of the solution provided or a multi-dimensional comparison report of their existing products with GreenVCI® products/solutions to help the client company’s procurement process.

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    In-house testing & after-sale support

    GRD provides clients with a number of in-house tests for quality assurance as well as after-sale support service. If and when a client makes a claim regarding a GreenVCI® product, our team guarantees prompt and precise service to analyze and manage the issues raised.

    GreenVCI® R&D Center

    GreenVCI® products are tested at its in-house laboratory, GreenVCI® R&D Center, to provide rapid, fit-for-purpose analysis.

    Types of tests run at the center
    • Composition material analysis test

    • Secondary amine
    • Nitrite material
    • USA Department of Defense (DoD)

    • MIL-I-22110
    • MIL-PRF-22019E
    • MIL-PRF-3420H
    • MIL-STD-3010 Method 4031
    • MIL-STD-3010 Method 3005
    • Vapor Inhibiting Ability (VIA)

    • Nace Standard TM0208-2018
    • TL 8135-0043
    • TL 8135-0002
    • Korea Standard

    • KS T 1086
    • KS M 2019
    • National Standard of the People’s Republic of China

    • GB/T 16265-2008
    • Japanese Industrial Standards

    • JIS Z 13535
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    Corrosion protection & QC consulting

    Educational seminar

    Thanks to GRD’s vertically integrated R&D system, GreenVCI® teams are often invited to present at a number of seminars and workshops held by the industry, universities, and end-user client companies. Our workshops and seminars typically cover educational content on corrosion, from fundamental causes to how VCI and other inhibitor products work, supported by the latest best practices of corrosion protection and QC cases with GreenVCI® products. If your company is interested in attending such a session, contact us via info@greenvci.com for more information.

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    Automotive KD packaging best practice sharing & consulting

    GreenVCI® has a long history of working with various automakers and part manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas since the 1990s, particularly on KD packaging. Based on our successful consulting experiences and application case studies, we are proud to say we provide the world’s best corrosion QC products and services for the automotive industry. As technological disruptions transform the industry, GreenVCI® is persistent in its endeavors to enhance and optimize its products and services to meet industry demands.

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    Cost-reduction & procedure improvement consulting

    GreenVCI® provides consulting for clients’ supply chain and QC procedures, identifying where a company could benefit from an enhanced cost and profit structure, safer and more streamlined production, and better carbon emission control.

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    Customization & new product R&D

    GreenVCI® also provides state-of-the-art customized product development services to clients with special needs and demands, owing hugely to its previous custom order R&D projects with a variety of government institutions and partners in commercial sectors.

    Customization project type
    • - Properties: viscosity, vapor pressure, evaporation point
    • - Add-on special functionality such as anti-static, hydrostatic, moisture absorption
    • - End-product form: fog VCI, attachable VCI emitter, peelable VCI liquid
    • - and many more
    Case studies
    • -Bosch: non-powdery and antistatic VCI diffuser for electric motors
    • -BMW: antistatic VCI film without benzotriazole
    • -Daimler Mercedes Benz: VCI emitter for auto-tray part packaging system
    • -Komatsu: industrial multi-purpose cleaner with long-term corrosion prevention
    • -GM Daewoo: VCI anti-corrosion and moisture absorbing desiccant
    • -Budge: VCI car cover
    • -and many more
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