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VCI Powder "GVP100"

• GVP100 is an eco-friendly water-soluble volatile corrosion inhibitor powder

• VCI releases anti-corrosion molecules in the vapor area forming a protective molecular layer over the metal surface

• Provides multi-metal temporary corrosion protection in air-sealed void-spaces and recessed areas

• Effective and efficient ‘dry-method’ corrosion protection in an enclosed space for up to 24 months


• 100% no nitrite and no secondary amines

• 100% water-soluble

• TRGS 615 & REACH (SVHC) compliant

• Readily biodegradable and eco-friendly VCI raw materials

• Multi-purpose temporary corrosion protection for both both ferrous and non-ferrous metals

• Powder can be removed by air-gun or rinse with water

• Little or no surface preparation is required

• Protected products can be shipped or operated without removal of powder

Options Available Upon Request

• Enhanced ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion protection

• Enhanced silver, copper, and brass metal corrosion protection

• Longer corrosion protection period

Application Field

• Tubular structures such as pipes, vessels and turbines

• Metal parts, components, and completed assemblies during shipping and/or storage

• Equipment protection after hydrostatic testing

• Internal surface of engines, turbines, tanks, boilers, etc.

• Dry-lay up of closed circuit cooling systems

• Concrete bridge cables and/or tendons

VCI Powder Product List

VCI Powder "GVP110"
Non-water soluble VCI powder

VCI Powder "GVP120"
Anti-caking VCI powder

VCI Powder "GVP130"

Organic salt base VCI powder

VCI Powder "GVP140"
Multi-purpose biodegradable VCI powder leaking test: salt water compatible, scale protection, closed loop cooling systems, hydro-testing, and etc.

VCI Powder "GVPP"
Multi-metal corrosion protection VCI powder bulk for sachet pack

Multi-metal corrosion protection VCI powder (granule type) bulk for sachet pack

VCI Powder "GVP100 Micro"
Fine grind +300 mesh VCI powder

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