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VCI Paper "GVPR100"

• GVPR100 is an eco-friendly volatile corrosion inhibitor kraft paper (80g/SQM)

• VCI releases anti-corrosion molecules in the vapor area forming a protective molecular layer over the metal surface

• Effective contact-phase and vapor inhibiting ability for temporary multi-metal corrosion protection 

• Protects metal surfaces in an enclosed air-sealed space for up to 24 months

• Available in various customizable sizes (rolls and sheets) and g/SQM


• 100% no nitrite and no secondary amines

• VCI raw materials used to produce GVPR100 is TRGS 615 & REACH (SVHC) compliant

• Eco-friendly VCI raw materials and recyclable pulp

• Multi-purpose temporary corrosion protection for both both ferrous and non-ferrous metals

• Mono-molecular layer doesn’t interfere with electrical operation or equipment

Options Available Upon Request

• Polyethylene coated kraft paper

• Polyethylene woven kraft paper

• Anti-static function (Ω/m^2) = 10^(10) - 10^(12)

• Enhanced ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion protection

• Enhanced silver, copper, and brass metal corrosion protection

• Longer corrosion protection period

Application Field

• Automotive parts; knock down (KD) packaging

• Steel mill; coil roll packaging

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