Intellectual Properties

+50 patented & 9 patent pending VCI chemical technology
+100 in-house recipes of proven VCI chemical formulations accredited with global VCI standards.

Our Latest Patent - GreenVCI Desiccant (GVD300)

VCI patent for GVD300 has been filed in June 04, 2018 and officially registered in January 05, 2021.

GVD300 is composed of GreenVCI chemicals, food grade calcium chloride, and super absorbent natural polymer that will transform its original powder substance into gel formation after moisture absorption.

Calcium chloride based VCI Desiccant "GVD300" provides 150% high absorption rate while simultaneously releasing vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors within the enclosed area.

We also manufacture and supply GVD300 VCI raw materials separately for other VCI and/or desiccant companies to produce their own high absorption calcium chloride based VCI desiccants.

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