R&D Customization

Our quality control standards across the supply chain assure that you consistently receive the same product you fell in awe with. In addition, we maintain a consistency of creativity when we listen to our client's issues and demands. The quality and effectiveness of VCI chemicals have endured rigorous testing in both the laboratories and in industrial practices.

You can count on our team to handle your VCI specific needs, as our key strengths come from:

* Investigation of the client's needs

* Analysis of the current market demand and trends 

* Timely and seamless management of the product customization and QC through our vertical R&D system

Some  of our experiences include: 
-Multi-purpose biodegradable VCI powder for closed loop cooling systems, scale protection, hydro-testing, etc. (salt water compatible)
- Water-based peelable temporary VCI coating
-3-in-1 multi-purpose paint remover, rust remover, and degreaser
-Eco-friendly organic acid rust remover
Multi-purpose biodegradable VCI Liquid concentrate for closed loop cooling systems, scale protection, hydro-testing, etc. (salt water compatible) 
-Vegetable oil-based VCI (lubrication)
-Oil-based VCI concentrate additives for VCI oil production
- General Motor (GM) VCI Desiccant
- BMW GS 94003 certified VCI Film
- Mercedes Benz DBL 6994 certified VCI Film
- Volkswagen VW 50164 certified VCI Film

- AAlborg VCI Powder

- Anti-static ESD VCI Film
- VCI Film w/o Benzotriazole
- VCI Film w/o Benzotriazole included with anti-static ESD function


​VCI Customization Features
We customize and supply VCI with (100% no benzotriazole, 100% no nitrite, 100% no amines, anti-static functions, food grade based, plant extract based, pH changes, specific VCI performance industrial standards and automobile requirements, UV protection functions, biodegradable functions, color changes, physical property alterations, and etc.).


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