GreenVCI® Vapor-phase Antimicrobial (GVA)

Introducing our latest GreenVCI® Vapor-phase Antimicrobial (GVA) products to protect both front line workers from microbial infection and metals from corrosion.

Applying GVA products onto high-touch surfaces (such as elevator buttons, door handles, table, counters, walls, and handrails etc.) provide an effective, affordable, environmentally friendly, and practical solution to tackle bacterial infection.

GVA is composed of antimicrobial blend of plant extracts and food preservatives to prevent microbial colonization on surface areas.

GVA Product List

GVAF100 - Vapor-phase Multi-Functional Antimicrobial Film

GVAF200 - Vapor-phase Antimicrobial VCI Film

GVAS100 - Vapor-phase Antimicrobial Sachet
(Anti-Bacterial + Anti-Fungi)

GVAS200 - Vapor-phase  Multi-Functional Antimicrobial Sachet
(Anti-Bacterial + Anti-Fungi + 90% Absorption Rate)

GVAR100 - Vapor-phase  Antimicrobial Low-density Polyethylene Masterbatch (VCI chemical base)

GVAR200 - Vapor-phase Antimicrobial Low-density Polyethylene Corrosion Protection Masterbatch

GVAR300 - Vapor-phase Antimicrobial Polypropylene Masterbatch

GVAC100 - Vapor-phase Antimicrobial Corrugated Fiberboard

GVAL100 - Vapor-phase Antimicrobial Liquid for Corrugated Fiberboard Production

GVAT100 - Vapor-phase Antimicrobial Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) Tape

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