GreenVCI Solutions, Inc. "GSI"

We are an eco-friendly world-class volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) raw material manufacturer providing total corrosion protection solutions since 1994 with its forerunner company, Eundong International Inc.

We specialize in manufacturing 100% no nitrite, 100% no amines, and food-grade VCI raw materials to help packaging, automotive, heavy machinery, oil & gas, remanufacturers, and other VCI companies achieve functional VCI excellence. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing VCI products and customizing corrosion protection solutions, we ensure you CAN TRUST IT CAN'T RUST®.

Our research is not only allocated to the innovation of VCI, but also centralized to the application of VCI in new fields. We are dedicated to the customization of our products if required to provide a complete total corrosion control services. We are committed to preserving a green and non-hazardous environment for all people and are dedicated to researching and developing best quality products in the field of corrosion.


We believe in providing techniques to help manufacturers contribute the prosperity of a more refined eco-friendly society through the quality preservation of metal goods.

To become a global leader in the field of eco-friendly VCI raw materials.



Customizing and manufacturing VCI key raw materials to companies in the corrosion industry to achieve functional VCI excellence is our specialty.


​1994: Eundong International Inc. (Korea) - "First VCI raw material manufacturer in Korea"
2003: China Eundong Co., Ltd. (China)
2008: GreenVCI Solutions, Inc. (USA) "previously known as Eundong(USA), Inc."

2013: GreenVCI R&D Co., Ltd. "previously known as John & Eundong Co., Ltd."

Value Proposition

- We provide the best solutions for any corrosion problems
- We share the technical knowledge behind these solutions, and specific application methods



Every client's needs and demands vary case by case, therefore we dedicate to meeting the client's needs by:
- Researching and developing new products
- Customizing existing products to the client's specifications

- Developing new raw material formulations

Quality Control (QC) Management 
We ensure 100% quality control through the coordination of
- Testing consultation
- Storage consultation
- 3rd party certification
- Production process QC

After Sales Service
We are committed to the continued involvement in the after-sales-services by providing:
- Claims inspection & consulting

- Feedback sharing

- Additional testing

Business Consultation
Finally, we walk those extra miles with our partners to cultivate business development opportunities in the competitive markets. We do so by identifying the untapped/revenue generating opportunities, providing marketing consultation, and sharing strategies on further cost-saving tactics.

Policy & Disclaimer
The technical data, production information, statements, and recommendations in this product overview are based on research and testing conducted by us and the 3rd party lab test facilities. We believe it will serve as a reliable guideline. The physical properties stated represent typical values and are not intended for writing specifications. We advise product testing before use to ensure suitability of any intended purpose. The products manufactured by us are subject to many uses depending on different conditions, conditions which we may have no control over. We do not warrant that this product is suitable for any particular use. All claims or defective products must be made in writing within two (2) months after shipment of product to customer and prior to further processing or combining with other material and products. We shall not be liable from any damages made during use in operations not under our direct control. This warranty is exclusive of all other warranties, express, or implied, and no representative of ours or any other person is authorized to assume for us any other liability in connection with the sale of our products.


Brand Portfolio
1994 - NOKSTOP® - First generation VCI brand

2003 - EUNDONG® - Second generation VCI brand

2008 - CANTRUSTVCI® - Second generation VCI brand

2010 - EDClean® - Eundong Clean brand

2011 - BioVCI® - Food grade VCI brand
2011 - BioGreenVCI® - Biodegradable VCI brand

2011 - GreenVCI® - Eco-friendly VCI brand

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TEL: 1-800-546-0653
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GreenVCI R&D Co., Ltd.
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