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Global Support

Our versatile team is comprised of diverse backgrounds and talents including those coming from the corporate consulting backgrounds.

We go beyond a mere level of R&D and sales management to provide a wide range of consulting services with an objective to create more businesses for our clients.

VCI Internal Laboratory Testing
Our services include comparative testings from widely accepted industrial VCI testing standards as well as our own custom internal vapor-inhibiting ability methods and corrosion protection measures.


Vapor Inhibiting Ability (VIA)
Nace Standard TM0208-2018

TL 8135-0002

TL 8135-0043

USA Department of Defense (DoD)
MIL-STD-3010 Method 4031 Vapor Inhibiting Ability (VIA)

MIL-STD-3010 Method 3005 Contact Corrosivity

Korean Industrial Standards
KS T 1086

KS M 2019

National Standard of the People’s Republic of China

GB/T 16265-2008

Japanese Industrial Standards

JIS Z 1353

VCI Customization

Customization available upon request.

VCI performance enhancement to meet specific industrial standards and automobile requirements, extended corrosion protection duration for specific application field, physical property alterations, UV protection, anti-static, and VCI raw materials composed of biodegradable food grade chemicals and plant extract based ingredients can be customized.

Automotive Knock Down "KD" Corrosion Free Packaging Services
We provide corrosion protection packaging solutions for various KD (Knock Down), CKD (Complete Knock Down), and SKD (Semi Knock Down) vehicle parts optimized for transportation, assembly, and production overseas.

VCI Educational Seminars

From educational training courses, B2B sales, strategic marketing, competitor analysis, general market forecast, and trending overviews, we provide a wide range of VCI consulting services to help fully understand and effectively communicate with customers its features, benefits, applications, and support needed.

VCI Preservation & Mothballing
With our hands-on experience with day-to-day preservation and mothballing activities on site, we provide a comprehensive eco-friendly, economical corrosion protection, and preservation solutions for offshore rigs & platforms, pipeline protection, storage tanks, and mothballing.

VCI Packaging Services
Anything that has to do with metal packaging with our VCI protective packaging methods, you "CAN TRUST IT CAN'T RUST".

VCI Finished Goods Production Methods

The VCI raw materials manufactured by us are subject to many uses depending on different production conditions which we may have no control over. To ensure unified quality standard, we offer technical support for VCI finished goods production (VCI film, VCI powder sachet, VCI paper, and etc). 

Remanufacturing Cleaning Services
Cleaning the "core" is the most important remanufacturing process and we provide a one stop total cleaning and corrosion protection solutions to fully assess inspection and help transform the core parts to be reborn again.

VCI Sales Network Support
We will help you identify untapped opportunities in your competitive market(s) by sharing our industry knowledge.

Our global sales network open doors to building strong referral pipeline for our partners and distributors to take advantage of securing new revenue potential, improving company's reputation, learning new culture and insight into trends all the while accessing a wider range of talent.

GreenVCI R&D Co., Ltd.  

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