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Applied Industries

Automotive Industry
GreenVCI is currently being applied by most major automotive companies.

We provide a complete corrosion protection services for packaging, shipping, and storage to major automotive companies and its suppliers.

We specialize in customizing VCI solutions for Knock Down (KD), Complete Knock Down (CKD), Medium Knock Down (MKD), Semi Knock Down (SKD), and Disassembled Knock Down (DKD) applications.

Oil & Gas Industry; Renewable Energy 
GreenVCI Oil & Gas "GOG" is a division of GRD that provides corrosion protection products and services for the Oil & Gas Industry.

We provide efficient corrosion management services and products globally while sustaining localization.

We customized preservation and corrosion protection programs to provide economical maintenance while sustaining functional VCI excellence.

Remanufacturing Industry
Remanufacturing also known as “REMAN” is recreating the sale of products recovered to be like-new or better functionality. GreenVCI Reman is a division of GRD that provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions and corrosion control VCI products for the remanufacturing industry.

Cleaning the core process is the most crucial step during the remanufacturing process and we provide customized total cleaning and corrosion protection solutions to fully assess inspection to help transform the core parts the be like new in condition.

Heavy Equipment Industry
Many countries rely on heavy industry as key parts of their overall economies. GreenVCI offers a full range of rust preventatives, removers, and corrosion protection solutions.

Military Industry

GreenVCI offers war readiness protective packaging delivery systems and efficient easy-to-use corrosion control solutions for next generation high technology electronics, aircraft, vehicles, and maintenance cleaning.

Electronics Industry

GreenVCI protection provides packaging solutions for semiconductors, batteries, and other electronic components sensitive to corrosion and electrostatic discharge.

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